About us

Established in 1970, Hin Huat Hardware has grown from a humble hardware dealer to one of the renowned hardware suppliers in this country. Hin Huat Hardware specializes in the marketing and distribution of plumbing and manufacturing hardware, general building materials and handy tools. We strive to enrich and value-add our society with our quality products.

Throughout its years of fulfilling experience, we have delivered a range of quality products to the market. Our products originate from England, Italy, Japan, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, China and Malaysia. The products are carefully evaluated and selected to suit the ever growing market. The company’s focus is to offer the best quality goods and services, at a competitive price to achieve the optimum outcome at work place.

In the year 1972, Hin Huat Hardware started marketing and distributing REX Pipe Threading Machine from Japan and has received favorable response from the customers. Since then, we have been the industry expert for all REX Machine enquiries, accessories, machine servicing and repair.

In its years of experience, Hin Huat Hardware has grown into a leading hardware distributor in Malaysia, offering quality products to its wide range of customers, often exceeding their expectations. We are backed by strong support and confidence from our business partners, both locally and globally.

We sincerely welcome all who is keen to explore a business opportunity with us.