Irwin (England)



Stillson Pipe Wrench


The IRWIN Record pipe wrenches generate superior grip, even on smooth round pipe, due to the unique ‘V’ shaped tooth profile machined onto the jaw faces. This gives reliability even on the toughest job.

Item No. Size Pipe Capacity
T300/8 8″ 3/4″
T300/10 10″ 1″
T300/12 12″ 1 1/4″
T300/14 14″ 1 1/2″
T300/18 18″ 2″
T300/24 24″ 2 1/2″
T300/36 36″ 3 1/2″


  • The IRWIN Stillson features high-strength steel components.
  • The handle and nut design is carefully engineered so that the frame carries no load in use. This makes the wrench durable and strong even in the toughest situations.



Chain Pipe Wrench


Designed for use in confined spaces, where the pipe is in a trench, against a wall or close to a nest of other piping.

Item No. Pipe Capacity
T231-1/2 5/16″ x 2″
T232-1/3 5/16″ x 3″
T233C 1/2″ x 4″




Handibender 218 (M)


This light and portable bender is ideal for the plumber or home handyman.

Item No. Size
218 15 x 22mm




Roller Pipe Cutters


Designed to cut steel pipe, this tool has one fast cutting wheel and two wide rollers. As well as keeping the cutter squarely on track, the rollers smooth down the surface leaving a clean-cut ready for jointing or threading.

Item No. Size
T202 1/8″ x 2″

* Spare cutter available for purchase



Tube Cutters


Strong and lightweight, designed to cut copper, brass, aluminium or thin walled steel. Comes with a spare blade.

Item No. Size
T200-30C 1/8″ x 1 1/8″




Tubular Handled Bolt Cutters


IRWIN Record Bolt Cutters have two drop-forged steel handles, which open and close the jaws through a compount action. This action means that every pound of pressure is amplified to produce 80lbs of pressure. The jaw are also heat treated to produce a resilient body and rigid cutting edge.

Item No. Size
TBC918 18″
TBC924 24″
TBC930 30″
TBC936 36″


  • Induction hardened radiused clipping edges to prevent chipping.
  • Specially formulated & heat treated drop forged steel heads.
  • Easy & fail safe cam adjustments.
  • Ergonomic rubber grips for any weather.



MS500 Bevel Edge Chisels with Striking Cap


Designed for joinery and light commercial work, this unique chisel features a highly durable polypropylene handle with non-slip, soft-touch panels to give a positive and more comfortable grip even after prolonged use.

Item No. Size
10501700 3/8″
10501702 1/2″
10501705 5/8″
10501706 3/4″
10501708 1″
10503669 1 1/4″
10503670 1 1/2″


  • Solid one-piece forged blade ensures structural integrity.
  • Sharpened ready for use.
  • Blade lacquered for rust protection.
  • Large, strong tang keeps the handle firmly attached.
  • Impact resistant polypropylene core handle.
  • Striking cap for use with hammers.
  • Soft-touch friction grip for improved comfort.



General Purpose Snips


IRWIN Gilbow Snips and Shears are tested to guarantee that the blades will cut right to the end. Made from drop-forged carboon tool steel, all IRWIN Gilbow snips are hardened, tempered, ground, glazed and tested to last.

Item No. Size
TG245/10 10″
TG245/12 12″
TG245/14 14″


  • Unique non-slip joint set and tested for a perfect cut.
  • Double, hollow ground blades reduce friction for easier cutting.
  • Drop forged carbon tool steel handles and blades.
  • Safety stop prevents trapped fingers.



Mechanics’ Vices


IRWIN Record vices are designed to provide full strength performance at any jaw opening without compromising safety. The sliding section of the vice will not fall out when fully extended and the handle is specially designed to bend before the vice is over-stressed. This is the most commonly used of all metalwork vices.

Item No. Jaw Width Jaw Opening
T3 4″ 4 3/4″
T5 5″ 6 1/2″
T6 6″ 8″
T8 8″ 9 1/4″




Quick Release Woodworking Vices


Squeeze the trigger, and a quick release vice can be opened and closed without using the mainscrew. Large and small work pieces can be quickly interchanged, while releasing the trigger returns the mechanism to normal for fine adjustment.


Item No. Jaw Width Jaw Opening
T52ED 7″ 8″




Chain Pipe Vices


The chain pipe vice generates a powerful grip due to it’s sturdy construction. The drop forged, heat treated steel jaws and high-tensile steel chain are mounted on a body cast from ductile iron that is guaranteed unbreakable. The flexible chain means the vice is compact and easy to store when not in use.

Item No. Pipe Capacity
T181C 1/8″ x 2″




Hinged Pipe Vices


The hinged top section of the vice allows rapid access. The powerful grip is maintained by replaceable, hardened jaws. Compact and easy to store, the vice is cast from SG ductile iron and guaranteed unbreakable.

Item No. Pipe Capacity
T92C 1/8″ x 2″




General Purpose G Clamps


Ideal for metal and woodworking applications, the IRWIN Record 120 is the most popular and widely used of G-Clamps.

Item No. Capacity
T120/3 3″
T120/4 4″
T120/6 6″
T120/8 8″
T120/10 10″
T120/12 12″




Sash Clamps 135 Series

英国长木夹 135

The slide and head on these heavy duty clamps is guaranteed unbreakable and the slide is secured by a solid steel pin passing through one of the locating holes spaced along the steel bar. Slides and heads are flat bottomed so that the clamp will stand without support.

Item No. Capacity
T135/2 24″
T135/3 30″
T135/4 36″
T135/5 42″
T135/7 54″
T135/9 66″




T-Bar Clamps 136 Series

英国长木夹 136

The T-Bar clamps are similar to the 135, but with a very rigid ‘T’ section steel bar. These clamps resist twisting and distortion under very high clamping pressures. Both the head and slide are guaranteed unbreakable. The fixed head is furnished with drilled feet for bench mounting.

Item No. Capacity
T136/5 42″
T136/6 48″
T136/7 54″
T136/9 66″
T136/11 78″





Curved Jaw Locking Pliers with Wire Cutter


The IRWIN Vise-Grip Curved Jaw Locking Pliers feature a unique self-energizing lower jaw that delivers 3x more gripping power than traditional locking pliers, with absolutely no slipping or stripping. Well-suited for performing in greasy work environments.

Item No. Size Jaw Capacity
T0502EL4 10″ 1 7/8″




Groove Joint Pliers


IRWIN Vise-Grip Groove Joint pliers feature right angle teeth which grip in all directions for maximum bite. They all have moulded ProTouch grips for added comfort and less hand fatigue.

Item No. Size Jaw Capacity
10505500 10″ 2″




Aviation Snips – Straight


IRWIN Aviation and Offset Snips have precision formed blades for a longer cutting life; ergonomically designed over-moulded soft-grips for a perfect balance of comfort and performance in the hand, and a long-life torsion spring for a smooth and consistent cut.

Item No. Description
10504311N Cuts straight & wide curves


  • Cut capacity of 1.19mm sheet metal and 0.84mm stainless steel



Turbo Diamond Blades


Turbo blades offer the same finish and stability of a continuous band. Turbo blades also have the ability of cooling off and performing at a similar speed to a segmented blade.

Suitable for use on:

  • Cement sheeting
  • Concrete
  • Granite/Engineered Stone
  • Clay brick and pavers
  • Concrete pavers and piping
Item No. Cut
TDT105 Wet/Dry




Segmented Diamond Blades


Segmented blades are used for low friction applications. Segmented blades are used to cut materials that don’t require high quality finish.

Suitable for use on:

  • Cement sheeting
  • Concrete
  • Slate
  • Clay brick and pavers
  • Concrete pavers and piping
Item No. Cut
TDD105 Wet/Dry


22″ Universal 880 Triple Ground Saw

22″ 英国板锯

The new IRWIN Universal Triple Ground Tooth is desgined to improve cutting performance on both forward and backward strokes.

Item No. Size Teeth
880 22″ 8T/9P


  • The saw is coated with water based laquer to give four times better rust protection than traditional lacquer.
  • Hardened teeth stay sharp 6-8 times longer than non-hardened teeth.