KDS (Japan)



L-18 Auto-Lock Cutter

L-18 Auto-Lock 割刀

“Auto-Lock” cutter with automated locking slider.




Power Black Blade BLACK MAX


KDS Power Black Blades have undergone the ideal heat treatment to achieve a sharper and longer-lasting blade. With 0.5mm thickness and 18mm wide, it is suitable for L-18 Auto Lock Cutter. Comes in box of 50 pieces.



PlastiCutter P-11

P-11 Plastic 割刀

P-Cutter is most convenient for plastic cutting. 2 straight and 1 hook blades are stored in the handle.



S-18 Slim Trim

S-18 Slim Trim 割刀

Sharp edge cutter is most convenient for delicate cutting work, with special 30 degree angle blade.



S-18 Slim Trim Spare Blade

S-18 Slim Trim 割刀 – Spare Blade

Spare blade for S-18 Slim Trim. Comes in packs of 10.



S-13 Dura Slim

Electronic powder coated metal frame with sliding lock. 9.2mm snap-off with 13 segments. With 2 spare blades.



Measuring Tape


A sturdy lock button locks the tape in any position and retracts the tape smoothly into the case.


Length 3.0m 5.0m 7.5m




Glassfiber Measuring Tape


KDS Glassfiber Measuring Tape has a special film to protect the accurate graduations against wear in the front section. It has multiple strands of glassfiber with special resin coating that is strong and flexible. High impact ABS casing. Special coating against rust and mildew.

Comes in 2 different sizes.


Length 30m 50m




Kaclong – 10 30m Steel Tape


Economical type of long tape, in an ABS plastic case, and equipped with vinyl wrist strap.